Due to the lack of need to carry out any experiments, my team and I have taken towards the direction of trying to find the different nesting places of the wild boars, and their habitats. We have also ventured upon the many humane solutions towards stopping the culling of the wild boars.

By the medium of many newspaper websites, other researchers tagging along the research of the overpopulation of wild boars, and even facebook pages dedicated towards these wild creatures of Singapore, we have found many areas from which we could track down the initial nesting places of the wild boars.

Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve
This area has not only been visited by the wild boars time to time, but a lucky wild boar, named 'Charlie', has even become what seemed like a mascot for the Nature Reserve. But as he grew, he became more wild and noctorius, and he had to be kept in the reserve, and is now soon to become a father.

Lower Pierce Reservoir
Wild boars in this area has not only been spotted, but also have been, on one occasion, STOMPed.

Upper Thomson
There have also been many sightings of wild boars in Upper Thomson (Road), so much that it has become what seems like a new past-time-watching the wild boar's foraging behaviour.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
There have also been sightings of wild boars in the park. There have also been two rambunctious wild boars that had their part in ruining the reputation of the wild boars.

Results of the probable location of the wild boars will be presented in the 'Results' Tab.

There are many reasons for which we can think of when it comes to the topic on how we could presserve the lives of the wild boars. But after quite a bit of researching, analysing and discussion, we shortlisted the a  few options on how to save wild boars.

Relocation of the wild boars
Although it has been said that the Singapore Zoo has no intention of including the wild boars into the zoo, it does not mean that the wild boars cannot be relocated to another island. Nearby floating pieces of land either have still not been colonised or have space for such wild boars could still provide a safe environment for the wild boars to live  in, provided that the appropriate predators are either already in the ecosystem, or will have to introduced into the ecosystem.

Sterilisation of Wild Boars
If the people of the 20th Century could wipe out the entire population of The Malayan Tigers and Clouded Leopards with quite low technology, why can't the people of the 21st century capture wild boars with high-technology and sterilise them? Although the cost for such may run sky-high, but the many sightings that may confirm it's locations and nesting areas, may help reduce on the expenditure of finding the location of the wild boars themselves. Besides, we don't really need to sterilise EVERY wild boar in Singapore, now, do we?

Introduction of Predators of Wild Boars
What a better way to control prey than by its predator? Introducing a predator or two of the Wild Boar into the nesting location of the wild boars can help significantly reduce in the number of wild boars in little time-hey, a living being has to eat!

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