Project: Population Overgrowth and 'Invasion' of The Wild Boars

Population of the wildlife could overgrow rather quickly thanks to changes in habitat(Reference). Probably, the main reason of  such overgrowth is thanks to the absence of predators of the certain animal. The absence of such predators could be caused by an increased amount of human activity, causing the environment to change and making it harder for them to survive, or maybe as direct as humans hunting for them in a very rapid rate, for resources and other reasons, like popular demand after it is introduced to the market(Reference). When such predators are endangered or extinct, it's prey may start to grow rapidly, with no predator to control them(Reference). When such animals are overgrowing, its prey may decrease rapidly, and other animals that share the same prey may start to deteriorate, due to the lack of food(Reference). The whole Food Chain/Web could collapse, destroying the natural flow of the ecosystem. Now, population overgrowth is being dealt with by introducing new predators or culling them(Reference). Now, introducing new predators isn't highly not recommended(Reference), probably due to it becoming parasites, finding new prey and destroying populations, nothing to stop it. Therefore, people may turn to culling. Now, culling is may soon be illegal(), but as long as it is not, it may have become rather convenient under the range of the industrial and political eye. Therefore, it being rather convenient, they rely on on the barbaric method of culling. Culling can lead to many problems, especially when a limit is not put towards the inhumane method of control, and questions our morality, and quite frankly, clearly stating the irony between the world wanting to conserve wild animals, and now, wanting to cull them.

Since the last few months of 2012, Singapore has been 'invaded' by packs of wild boars around some corners of Singapore. By simply looking at official Singaporean newspaper websites and many Singaporean news-informant blogs, you can find many reports of wild boars invading the occasional terrace house or knocking down a young boy off his feet. After doing as such, you probably have a negative mind set over the 'invasive' wild boars. Before we continue, may I remind you that 'Bad News Sells Best'. Ever wondered why these wild boars have trotted into all your personal lives? Perhaps you took their home? Perhaps their predators were hunted down a long time ago? Perhaps that little boy had unintentionally agitated the wild boar?

The fact that most of it's predators, including the famed Malayan Tigers that once roamed Singapore, have been hunted down a long time ago in the old 'Singapura' to make way for civilisation can point out the start of the over population. Ironically, the destruction of forests to make way for gravel and cement somehow helped balance the Death rate and Birth rate of the wild animals, while destroying their homes. But this was simply a delay. In time, the population started to over populate once again, and now, due to their home becoming smaller and smaller, and perhaps their nesting areas getting disturbed by the neighboring clatter of wielders and metal, the wild boars have no choice but to vacate their nesting areas and find better and quieter nesting places to, well…nest in. But of course, during their voyage, they discovered something that they most likely triggered hate and depression within the Wild Boars-Human Civilisation. Or Singapore. Depends on how dramatic you want to be. 

Thus, due to this rising problem, my team of three, Athiyah Tamanna Azeem [Leader/Blog Informant(Your fellow writer)], Divya Jose (Supervisor of Research and Information) and Jenova Pillai (Secretary), will find both the nesting location(s) of the wild boars, and find a much better way of controlling the population of the wild boars.

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