We did a discussion regarding the probabilities of the two options that may help stop the culling of the wild boars. We discussed the pros and cons of the two options, and how effective in may be in different senses.

Relocation of Wild Boars
Using Singapore's Land Reclamation Plans as a way of shifting the population of wild boars onto going-to-be reclaimed land.

- Killing two birds with one stone-Making more land space for Singapore, while trying to solve the overpopulation problem by scattering them in non-urbanised areas, letting the wild boars not interfere much with urbanisation
- Rather tedious a job (Catching Wild Boars)
- Reclaimed land may not be non-urbanised areas
- Wild boars may reproduce rapidly without any predators

Sterilisation of Wild Boars
Sterilising wild boars  in order to reduce tthe reproduction rate, in order to reduce the population of wild boars.

- Quick and efficient (Provided we know where the nesting grounds are, which we have estimated where it could be in 'Results' tab.
- Effects can only be seen in the long run
- Cost of sterilising equipment is extremely high.

Introduction of Predators of Wild Boars
The release of Wild Boars' predators into the nesting areas of the Wild Boars.

- Effeciently reduces the population of Wild Boars
- The predators of Wild Boars that can co-exist in the ecosystem are mostly vicious big cats that may interfere with urbanisation by quite a bit.
- There is a risk of the predators over populating due to the vast food source
- The predators of Wild Boars are mostly critically endangered creatures whom desperately need conservation.

From this, we analysed each solution, and came up with the most logical answer, shown in conclusions.

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