Monday, April 22, 2013


Introduction of Project Name.

What has to be said:

1. How does the population of animals in a certain habitat get affected due to habitat change?

2. How does population overgrowth occur?

3. What affects population overgrowth?

4. How exactly the effect(s) stated above affect population overgrowth?

5. What is this inhumane method of culling wild boars (That we reject)?

6. Why is the mentioned method so barbaric?

7. What is this new population overgrowth in Singapore?

8. How is the mentioned problem affecting Singapore?

9. What are the causes of the wild boar population overgrowth in Singapore?

10. How is the barbaric method mentioned before being used in the problem?

11. Why did the wild boars 'invade' our urban world?

12. How are we going the tackle the problem?

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