Monday, April 22, 2013


Things that should be said in the presentation:

1. About us
2. What are we doing?
3. What is the problem?
4. What is the current (inhumane) solution?
5. Methodology
6. Our solutions
 - We will justify them
7. Results
8. Discussion
9. Pros and Cons of stated solutions
10. Conclusion

End with a sincere 'Thank you for Listening".


Total number of slides: 13

Estimated Duration: 10-15 minutes

Slide 1: Introduction to presentation
Slide 2: Recent decision of culling the wild boars
Slide 3: What we had done to alert the public about the over population of wild boars and the culling decision.
Slide 4: Methodology
Slide 5: Relocation of Wild Boars
Slide 6: Sterilisation of Wild Boars
Slide 7: Introduction of Predators of Wild Boars to Singapore
Slide 8: Results
Slide 9: Discussion
Slide 10-12: Pros and Cons of stated solutions
Slide 13: Conclusion


We will analyse our solutions accordingly and pick out the best solution.

We will then state our intention of sending this in to the NEA as a plea to stop the culling of the wild boars, and to use the proposed method itself.


We will then discuss on the top 3 most possible solutions to the wild boar population problem.

We will describe the pros and cons of each solution, and analyse them accordingly.


We will show the most possible location in which the wild boars may be in, through the platform of 'Google Earth'.

We will point out how wild boars frequent nature reserves and parks, most likely pointing out primary locations of the wild boars.


Our group does not need to conduct any scientific experiments, thus our methods will show only what we are to research, and what we can consider when trying to locate the nesting area of the wildboars.

What should be mentioned:

1. Why we do not need to carry out any scientific experiments?

2. How our we going to carry out our research?

We will present information found on the most prominent area findings of wild boars.

What should be mentioned:

1. What the locations are

2. How possibly did the wild boars get at the location?

3. Any prominent activity/information from the wild boars

We will then present our top 3 most possible solutions.

1. List the top 3 most possible solutions.

2. Justify them.


Introduction of Project Name.

What has to be said:

1. How does the population of animals in a certain habitat get affected due to habitat change?

2. How does population overgrowth occur?

3. What affects population overgrowth?

4. How exactly the effect(s) stated above affect population overgrowth?

5. What is this inhumane method of culling wild boars (That we reject)?

6. Why is the mentioned method so barbaric?

7. What is this new population overgrowth in Singapore?

8. How is the mentioned problem affecting Singapore?

9. What are the causes of the wild boar population overgrowth in Singapore?

10. How is the barbaric method mentioned before being used in the problem?

11. Why did the wild boars 'invade' our urban world?

12. How are we going the tackle the problem?


1. What is the problem?
 - How does the problem affect us?

2. What action has been taken against the problem?
 - Who took this action?
 - Is this problem humane?

3. Who are we?
 - What are we doing?
 - How are we solving the problem?
 - What are our roles?